Natural Aural Approach


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Abstract / Introduction

This MESHGuide has been written for:

  • Parents and other family members and friends
  • Mainstream teachers and support workers, including SENCos
  • Teachers of the Deaf in training,
  • Medical professionals including GPs, audiologists and speech and language therapists, health visitors
  • Early years practitioners

This resource explains the detail of the approach and the underpinning research.  This is part of a series of MESHGuides designed to help parents make an informed choice about communication approaches for their deaf child.


This guide is one in a series of Deaf Education MESHGuides.

Strength of Evidence

We have provided evidence for the information collated above with a full reference list including research published in peer reviewed journals.

Transferability across countries and settings

The collected information and advice is intended to support and promote effective early intervention for deaf children whose families have chosen a Natural Aural Communication Approach.

Date of publication
22 Mar 2021
Date of revision
21 Mar 2022
Online community link

There are various online forums for Auditory Verbal therapists on platforms such as Facebook. The governing body of Auditory Verbal therapists is AG Bell.

There are various online forums for Teachers of the Deaf and parents of deaf children, in the UK and other parts of the world.  BATOD manages an email forum

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