Numeracy for all (VSO)

  • Marilyn Leask
  • Emma Goto
  • Mary Watkins
  • Richard Procter

De Montfort University


University of Winchester

Abstract / Introduction

This MESHGuide has been developed and checked by members of the MESH Numeracy for All Editorial Board. It provides collective wisdom of experienced teachers and researchers, supported by a summary of existing research on Mathematics and the development of Numeracy for All. We invite readers to expand the Guide by submitting case studies and by drawing our attention to relevant research and advice.

Strength of Evidence

Strength of Evidence 4*
Where possible research underpinning the advice is cited. We have found the structure of the curriculum is similar in the countries we examined.

Transferability across countries and settings

This MESHGuide provides an introduction to the basic pedagogical knowledge for the teaching of lower primary mathematics.

Further contributions and feedback are welcome (

Date of publication
27 Feb 2024
Date of revision
27 Feb 2024
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